Noun and Its Types: Definitions Examples Exercises

Learn nouns and their types in a conceptual, comprehensive way with examples from basics to advance.

Noun and Its Types: Definitions Examples Exercises


The name of any person, place, or thing is known as “Noun”.

For example:

Man, girl, boy, Asif, etc.
Lahore, Islamabad, Village, Town, etc
Mobile, Tree, Quraan, Tree, Bike, Car, Bus, etc.

He is a good boy.
He is riding a bike.
His name is Moosa.
They live in a village.
We are going to Lahore.
The Quraan is a holly book.

Exercise in Paragraph.

Underlined Noun Examples (Noun and Its Types)

I get up early in the morning. I go for a walk and walk for almost five kilometers. After coming back home, take morning food. We should have breakfast with yogurt. It is a perfect routine and diet to take it without sugar. Some people called it dangerous to health. My father also advises me to eat yogurt without sugar. He also told me that many of my friends take tea without sugar to prevent many health issues. Moreover, take less quantity of noon food than breakfast and be healthy. Don’t forget to have dinner less than lunch and breakfast. These are some health tricks.

The above-mentioned nouns consist of many types but overall noun examples can be exercised.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on the topic “Noun”.

Q1. Which of the following is a Noun?

  1. a) a) Beautiful
  2. b)   b) He
  3. c)c) Wood 
  4. d)  d) Fortunately

Q2. Which of the following is not a Noun?

  1. a)   a) Water
  2. b)   b) Was
  3. c)    c) Cup   
  4. d)   d) Mobile

Q3. He opened a new box.

      The underlined word is:

  1. a)    a) Pronoun
  2. b)    b) Noun
  3. c)    c) Adjective   
  4. d)    d) Helping Verb

Q4. They are traveling to Lahore.

      The underlined word is:

  1. a)    a) Article
  2. b)    b) Verb
  3. c)    c) Adverb   
  4. d)    d) None of these

Q5. Which sentence has a noun in it?

  1. a)    a) They are playing.
  2. b)    b) I did not do that.
  3. c)    c) The eagle was very fast in flaying.   
  4. d)    d) Come here and sit there.

Q6. Which sentence has not a noun in it?

  1. a)    a) I was going to my village.
  2. b)    b) They were drinking tea.
  3. c)    c) Please Sir! Forgive him.   
  4. d)    d) He just reached his house.

Q7. Find the pair of Nouns.

  1. a)    a) Himself, Apple
  2. b)    b) Book, Going
  3. c)    c) Cement, Bricks   
  4. d)    d) Black, Gold

Q8. Which pair is not Nouns?

  1. a)    a) Table, Silver
  2. b)    b) Box, Goat
  3. c)    c) Cow, Laptop   
  4. d)    d) None of these

Q9.The following underlined word Air Conditioner is:

  1. a)    a) Noun
  2. b)   b) V  (Helping Verb)
  3. c)    c) Pronoun   
  4. d)    d) Preposition

Q10.The following underlined word light is:

  1. a)   a) None of these
  2. b)   b)  Helping Verb
  3. c)    c) Noun   
  4. d)    d) Participle

 Answers of MCQs

Q.1CWoodQ.6CPlease Sir! Forgive him.  
Q.2BWasQ.7CCement, Bricks   
Q.3BNounQ.8DNone of These
Q.4DNone of TheseQ.9ANoun
Q.5CThe eagle was very fast in flaying.Q.10CNoun

Types of Noun

Common Noun

Proper Noun

Abstract Noun

Collective Noun

Concrete Noun

Material Noun

Regular Irregular Noun

Countable Uncountable Noun

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