Healthy recipes won’t be healthy at all without the nutritious ingredients that should go with it. Similarly, eating healthy does not mean that the taste have to be bland or bitter. Taking a variety of healthy foods along with your health recipes will definitely give you the most nutrients and vitamins that your body deserves. You can get all of these by incorporating the following foods into your daily diet, and you are surely good to go for some nutritious, healthy recipes that will also please your choosy palate.

Yummy Yogurt for Healthy Tummy

Yogurt is one of the most famous dairy products loved by children and adults alike. This nutritious dairy product will surely please your tummies as it is rich in vitamins to keep you healthy and strong. Yogurt is also known to aid people in losing weight while keeping your muscles strong and healthy. Some studies also reveal that yogurt is closely associated to preventing bad breath, and yeast infections in the body. Frozen yogurt can indeed be a perfect substitute for ice cream during desserts that even kids will surely love.

Oh! Our Own Olive Oil

Olive oil is the main secret of Mediterranean diet, as it is rich in antioxidants and healthy substances that will keep your body healthy without sacrificing taste in your foods with its wonderful taste. Ample medical studies also show that olive oil can help reduce the risk of diabetes, colon cancers, and heart attacks. Substituting olive oil in your healthy recipes not only will enhance the flavor of the dish, but also add some nutrition facts to the meal.

Bear with the Beans, Buddy

Beans are known for its low-calorie and high-fiber content. They are also rich sources of iron, protein and antioxidant, which is why they can be considered the ultimate healthy food among all common ingredients. You can actually add beans everywhere in your healthy recipes and meal packages, like in a 3-in-` salad roll, or in a yummy burrito.

You’ll never go nuts with nuts, not at all!

Nuts are a very good source of protein, and are a heart-healthy ingredient in most snacks and finger-foods. Also, they are very easy to grab, you can find them everywhere and almost in an instant—just when you need to eat something for your complaining stomach. Or you can also eat a handful while working, that is why this can be a very good add-on to your healthy recipes such as in preparing salads or stir-fried meals.

Spin Some Spinach

Of course, if we have olive oil in the list, we also have Popeye’s source of strength, the spinach. It is one of the healthiest green veggies in the market that you can definitely get lots of vitamins and nutrients. Spinach is a good source of Vitamins A, C and K. Also, if you want to add more minerals in your meals, such as iron, potassium and calcium, spinach definitely contains all of those. Spinach is definitely one important ingredient in your next healthy recipes.