People nowadays are finding it hard to balance hectic work schedules, children, personal matters, and other errands. They always have their hands full, and in this regard, they are often left with little time to do other daily chores and obligations such as preparing healthy foods for the family. So, the question would be, when do they find time to prepare even the list of food for shopping for an easy healthy recipes?

How can they be in control of their grueling everyday agenda? The key is to create meal plans of healthy recipe every week. Subsequent to the creation of weekly meals, you can now make a grocery list. Making this list will help you avoid getting into impulsive buying and will also save you time since you already know what you need to buy and what not.

Here are grocery items that you should avoid buying.

  1. pre-packed food
  2. Food products that have trans fat and hydrogenated oil
  3. Food items that are packed with high fructose corn syrup
  4. Drinks that are caloric
  5. bleached flour or processed food like the white bread
  6. Avoid buying foods that require frying

The partly hydrogenated oil is prohibited in some countries like Europe since it is accountable for causing a high level of cholesterol in a certain person.  A partly hydrogenated oil involves a process of taking away the vital fat acid identified as omega 3, 6, & 9, which are very beneficial for the heart. Also, a high in fructose corn syrup is put in to food in order to augment the taste this high levels of fructose is a primary reason for obesity problems. In processed foods, the vitamins and minerals are taken away just to make the foods safer to eat. Incidentally, the pre-packed foods are teeming with unnecessary sodium and sugar. Finally, the foods that are fried as well as caloric drinks always contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, and Trans fatty acids.

These are the items that should be included in your list.

  1. Meats that are lean
  2. Vegetables and fruits that are in season
  3. food items that are rich in Omega 3, 6, & 9
  4. carbohydrates with low to medium glycemic index

Shopping for fruits and vegetables that are in season is a nice option since food produce that are in season are naturally grown thus vitamins and minerals that you can get in them are the best. Furthermore, they are sweeter and tastier compared to artificially grown produce.

In the case of meats, choose meats that have been fed with grass because they are healthier and contain conjugated linoleic acid or CLA.  Steer clear of dark meat and choose white meat instead because they are high in protein and have lesser fat and calories.

Little changes in menu preparations or shifting to healthy recipes for meals can make a huge difference on a person’s health. And besides, it is always nice to be able to set up a superb meal for the family.