In this time of excess, we can take measures to spend healthy holidays without giving up family meals. Here are five tips to make your party healthier.

1. Limit excesses to festive meals

Remember that the holidays are a few, not two full weeks. This is probably the most useful, most realistic and the most repeated advice in nutrition consultations. I leave the first, just in case you do not reach the end of the post overwhelmed by so much originality.

The holidays are only two dinners (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) and two meals (Christmas and New Year) and that, only if you are one of those who celebrate everything. We can add another meal, San Esteban, in Catalonia and the Reyes breakfast.

That is, in the worst case, there are 6 special intakes in a period of fifteen days. There are six intakes (as very much, in super sociable families) of 45 (assuming we only eat three meals a day). If we limit the excesses to those festive meals, they do not have to suppose a problem nor affect our health.

And if in our family, we celebrate only 3 or 4 of those dates, then even more so: enjoy the celebrations and keep the cava and turrones the rest of the days.

2. Try an active leisure

It is a time when all leisure is usually produced around a table full of sweets. Let’s change that.

Let’s take advantage of the holidays to go on snow trips, ice skating (they put tracks in many cities), stroll to see the lights and the typical decoration of the dates or the cribs or Christmas fairs, go cycling, skate, organize parties with friends…

3. Change the sweets by nuts, fruit and dried fruit

In these endless after-party celebrations, having on the table all kinds of liquors, chocolates, marzipan and other sweets can cause us to eat them by inertia.

Prepare some beautiful trays with cut fruit (segments of mandarin, pomegranate, grapes, apple, pear…), nuts, roasted chestnuts, dried fruit, and offer for example an assortment of Christmas infusions instead of liquors, can be a better alternative, which we can also apply to snacks or family reunions in this era.

You may even appreciate it.

4. Buy better: less quantity and more quality

It is not a good idea to collect all kinds of Christmas sweets, digestives, snacks… someone will eat them, and we will feel the need to remove them so they do not spoil.

Do we really need boxes of cookies and other sweets, made with dubious ingredients?

Buy less and better chosen: just one or two nougat – your favorites, that are artisan and made in a typical pastry, with a large percentage of nuts.

Or some quality chocolates. A bottle of good champagne instead of 4 of the cheap ones…

It is also not necessary to prepare copious meals. Better, more elaborate meals, with nicer presentations and slightly more special ingredients. That will make the celebration much more careful.

We do not need to eat more quantity at this time, we do not go hungry. Celebrate eating more quality, or things that you do not allow the rest of the year for its preparation or because they are expensive ingredients.

In the end you will spend the same, you will strengthen the small business and it may even be a local and more sustainable product. And with better ingredients. And in less quantity. All are advantages.

5. Run

If you can afford it, get out of here on December 22 and do not come back for a couple of weeks. Preferably to a place where it is not tradition to celebrate Christmas. You do not have to worry about losing anything, it’s repeated every year 😉

And if you can, take us with you. Especially if there is a beach.