What is Insurance?, And what kind?

What is protection? Protection is an understanding between at least two gatherings with which the safety net provider ties itself to the purchaser or the safeguarded by tolerating the protection premium to give repayment to the guaranteed because of misfortune, harm or loss of expected benefit, or lawful risk to an outsider which might be liable to the safeguarded emerging from a questionable occasion, or to give an installment in light of the demise or life of a guaranteed individual.

Then the following are the types of insurance that need to be known, among others;

1. Education Insurance

Insurance education is an insurance that its existence is considered very important right now. This is because the public assumes that insurance education is an intelligent insurance that can guarantee a better education.

2. Life Insurance

Some people assume that this type of life insurance is the same as health insurance. Life insurance is a type of insurance that provides Life Insurance is a type of insurance that provides a guarantee for the death of an insured person by providing financial benefits. There are several insurance companies that provide payment only after a person dies and there are also companies that provide payment before someone dies.

3. Health Insurance

This type of insurance is quite popular, where health insurance is an insurance that provides coverage of health problems caused by disease. This health insurance company provides maintenance services to its insurance members which includes protecting and covering members who are sick, disabled, injured, and other matters resulting from illness or accident.

4. Vehicle Insurance

Many people who own a vehicle or luxury car include personal vehicles with vehicle insurance. Vehicle insurance is a type of insurance that provides insurance services against vehicles that suffered damage, loss, and so forth.

5. Business Insurance

Business insurance is an insurance service that guarantees the insured party with business activities. There is also this type of service includes damage, loss and loss in considerable amounts but in accordance with the policy of an insurance company that has been agreed. Business insurance is generally owned by companies such as manufacturing companies, services, trade, and so forth that in business activities have risks.

6. Property Insurance

This type of insurance generally provides services to the homeowner’s protection from risks such as personal property, damage to residence, and damage to personal items. This insurance services include protecting and providing a light if one day there is an accident on the house or goods that are in charge such as kebaran and so forth.

in addition to the six types of companies are still many kinds of additional insurance with different features depending on the insurance services offered.