Understanding AXA Mandiri

Introduction to Insurance
AXA Mandiri provides insurance-related information for you to familiarize yourself with insurance topics to assist you in all your personal protection processes.

A more appropriate understanding of insurance (guarantee) is the economic value of a person in the event of a death accident, so that the abandoned party may still receive a certain amount of money in the insurance policy agreement, in which the money can be used as living expenses by the testator.

Life Insurance is a form of financial protection given to the soul, health of a person against the risk of death, sickness or accident, by an insurance company under an agreement between the Policy Holder as the Insured and the Life Insurance Company as Insurer in accordance with the terms stated in the policy.

Advantages of Having Life Insurance
Life insurance needs to be owned in order to provide protection against financial loss caused by the risk of uncertainty in human life or for happy and prosperous old-age planning.

Insurance is one form of risk control that is done by transfer / risk transfer from one party to another in this case is the insurance company.

What are the benefits of insurance?
Aside from being a form of risk control (financially), insurance also has various benefits that are classified into: main functions, secondary functions and additional functions.