Let Know the Russian Blue Cat Animals

Blue Russian felines are crossed with Siamese Blue Point felines gone for reinforcing the qualities, yet because of the intersection there is a chance to show up in different hues.
The eyes of the first Russian Blue are dim green, yet because of the intersection there is a yellowish shading, et cetera.

Qualities of Russian Blue
Russian Blue felines have medium size, short hair, and great bone structure. Plumes are pale blue in shading with silver shades on each end of the quill, giving the impression of sparkling. The hide is thick and gives the impression of extravagance. Biasnya Russian Blue Cat has a weight of around 3-5,5kg and has a life expectancy of around 10-15 years. Male felines have bigger body measure than female felines.

Identity This Russian Blue feline is somewhat bashful, particularly against outsiders. This feline is exceptionally faithful to the proprietor and will demonstrate an extremely charming side for them. This Russian Blue feline is extremely canny and independent (does not require human nonstop).

The voice of a blue russian feline
Russian Blue feline is a peaceful sort of feline. They will regularly be seen strolling around the house discreetly, or sitting for a considerable length of time watching out the window without making a sound.

Really, Russian Blue felines are delicate and can not be gotten notification from a separation of under 1-2 feet (1 foot = 30.5cm). On the off chance that they seem like a mah or a churp.