How to Apply Your Car Insurance Claim Properly

“Vehicle protection claims” is an endeavor of the policyholder while asking for pay with respect to the insurance agency because of burglary or mishap against the auto or vehicle that has been guaranteed. Here we will audit about the methodology for recording auto protection guarantees by policyholders.

At the point when your auto has been lost due to being stolen or having a mischance, the principal activity is to contact the insurance agency inside 3 × 24 hours. You can contact by telephone, SMS, email or by coming straightforwardly to the insurance agency’s office. This ought to be organized keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from dismissing the “auto protection claims” you documented with the reason of going from a foreordained timeframe.

At the point when a mishap and the auto still can run, should the auto was taken to one of the workshops named by the insurance agency. On the off chance that the auto has been seriously harmed, it is suggested that the auto be shot or reported first. This photograph will be a proof that there has been a mischance.

The policyholder must finish the frame gave by the insurance agency. The shape is one of the fulfillment records for endorsement of auto protection guarantee. Next is to give the sequential data of the occasion to the insurance agency with the genuine data. This will be the thought of the insurance agency whether the claim will be endorsed or dismissed. What’s more, policyholders are required to finish a few reports offered by insurance agencies.

The documents to be prepared are as follows:

# Accident documents

1. Claim form already in content. The new claim process will be done by the insurance company if the policy holder has completed the claim form completely.
2. Copy or photocopy of car insurance policy. This document later as evidence that the policyholder is indeed a customer in an insurance company. In addition, this document to find out whether the premium has been paid or not.
3. Copy or photocopy of driver’s license.
4. Copy or photocopy of vehicle registration.
5. A letter from the local police. This document will be the consideration of the insurance company to provide compensation or not.

# Document of third party liability (if any third party)

1. A declaration of a claim against third parties. This document may be a guarantee that the policyholder has caused damage to a third party car.
2. Statement on the absence of insurance. Generally there are a number of insurance companies that will not compensate if a third party has car insurance. Therefore, this document becomes one of the most important conditions.
3. Copy or photocopy of SIM / KTP and STNK.
4. A letter from the local police. This letter will be proof that indeed at a certain time and place there has been an accident.