Get to know Earthquake Insurance and its Benefits

Earthquake insurance is one insurance that is very suitable for the people of Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia’s geographical location itself is in areas prone to earthquakes. Our country is often hit by earthquakes ranging from very small earthquakes to very large-scale earthquakes.

One of the most devastating earthquakes that was also accompanied by a tsunami occurred in Aceh. Many people who not only lost property due to being washed away by the tsunami and were damaged by the earthquake, but people also lost relatives and their families. You certainly want to protect and prevent major damage or loss due to frequent earthquakes in Indonesia. One way that can be done is to look for insurance companies that provide guarantees to you and your property from natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Currently there are many insurance companies that offer insurance for various purposes and provide a large amount of guarantee. One type of insurance offered is a type of insurance due to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, fires, large explosions, tsunamis and earthquakes. Before you choose insurance that suits your needs, it’s a good idea to read a few tips below.

What is Earthquake Insurance?

We must know in advance what is meant by earthquake insurance before finally choosing the insurance. Such insurance as the name implies is insurance that will guarantee loss and also damage caused by earthquake natural disasters. This kind of insurance usually does not only provide guarantees to those of you who are affected by the earthquake but also other disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and fires. Later if you have this insurance you will get compensation for items that have been guaranteed that are damaged due to shock or vibration of the earth.

This earthquake can be caused by tectonic movements or it could be due to volcanic eruptions. In addition, guarantees will also be given to you in the event of a fire or explosion caused by an earthquake directly. All losses will be borne and you will be given a guarantee quickly. If damage is caused by an earthquake accompanied by a tsunami, you can also get guarantees for all damage to the goods that have been agreed upon such as property or buildings.

Guarantee Requirements

You will get an insurance guarantee if the damage to property or buildings does occur due to earthquake shocks and not intentional. In addition, the amount of guarantee that will be given is a guarantee of an earthquake that occurred for 72 hours and is considered as a series of events. This means that you will only get a one-time change and claim deductions. Damages and losses that are usually caused by earthquakes and other natural events will usually be so large that the coverage price for this type of insurance is usually also large.

You can get this insurance from a trusted insurance company and has experienced for a long time. You need to think about using this insurance because we are in and living in an area with a level of risk for an earthquake threat. Protecting property and buildings from earthquakes with earthquake insurance can make us more calm. You can find more information about this insurance by directly coming to an insurance company or you can consult online.