7 Facts Area 51

in 1955 Area 51 has indeed become the mystery of the world and has become the “icon” of the secret place to review the activities of “alien”, until now no one is able to prove the place is actually for what because the parties are always shut up and impressed do not want citizens of the world know what they are doing there.

1. The BBC crew broke into
In 2012, a crew from the BBC once broke into the 51 area to cover what happened there and find out the fact of area 51, and they get no activity in the area, which the crew finds is only a 3-hour gunpoint and interrogation in a depth by the authority.

2. The new CIA recognizes the existence of Area 51
Area 51 has become a mystery in the military world because the government is reluctant to provide answers related area 51, many intelligence agencies baseball to find out the existence of Area 51 even the CIA also recognize the existence of Area 51 started since 2013.

3. Area 51 as a drone testing ground
In 2013 there was a report related to the testing of a technology that is Drone, this place is rumored as the area of ​​research and development of fighter aircraft including the drones ever revealed by the Iranian government in 2011.

5. Area Conflict 51
One family in America broke one of the 51 area facts by saying in 1880 their lands were forcibly taken by the government to make Area 51 runways and ultimately the government pay 5 million dollars for this loss.

6. Alien Issues on are 51 started by the Soviets
In the book Annie Jacobsen’s An Uncensored History mentions that the Alien issue in Area51 was first emitted by the Soviet Union and its various other such alien technologies developed by the US military based on Soviet concerns over area 51.

7. Runway for spy plane
Spy plane has been caught flying from area 51 since 1950, the reason for making Area51 as the runway because of the exact surface shape to be used as a place to go back and forth military aircraft

That’s 7 Facts, About Area51